Made to collaborate: JRA X MIA – Jade Rolene Aspeling

Rumour has it that cupid is the only one who can create magic in the month of February. And while we appreciate cherub cheeks and glistening curls, the only arrows we are interested in this month point to a friend of our Journey – Made In Africa (‘MIA’). If no one is making you weak at the knees this February, we’re here to supplement the flowers, overly priced dates and cold beds.

May we introduce your first suitor – MIA once decided that everyone deserves a pair of high-waisted formal trousers. They ensured that no one’s hips passed their lie detector test and incorporated extra leg room into their signature design. For those who tower above the rest, the trousers ‘free the ankle’ and for those who are a little more grounded, the trousers are fully fitted. The most mouthwatering part however, is that all of their trousers come with a tailored fit, and – close your mouth – each tailor they work with, are sourced from various African countries.

To add some extra romance this month, they hosted their second international shoot in Zambia – collaboration hints are flying, just saying. So your first suitor is already well-dressed; ambitious; beautiful and has a soft spot for African growth and opportunities. But here is the ‘take-them-home-to-meet-your-parents’ part – they appreciate that you are a multi dimensional individual. We’ve heard that the proof is in the pudding, so forget the extra calories and munch on this – the Zambian look book shoot focused on showcasing the dynamism of their signature trousers. We played with looks that dropped the blazer, stripped off the shirt and did away with uncomfortable formal shoes.

And just like that you have a valentine who likes you in MIA-pants, hair tied, chilling with no make-up on.


Oh and cupid, you’ve got nothing on the Motherland Magic JRA X MIA created this month – maybe next year?


– February 2017

Photography: Kreative Kingdom Zambia

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