Kampala Knights – Sagar Chauhan

MIA – brought to life in London, capturing the essence of advancement in the field of tailoring, straight from the heart of Africa’s most talented ateliers and young entrepreneurs. This is the definitive guide to Spring Summer 2017, and a personal guide to Kampala.

Kampala is buzzing. I could go on for as long as I needed to about Uganda as a rapidly growing export market supplying the world with Robusta, Mercenaries and raw tobacco, but as fun as I think that would be, the world’s financials have already covered this.

There is a dynamic to East African culture that has fast gained recognition in the city, amongst travellers and that is the night-life. Whichever avenue our sartorial traveller chooses to venture, as with any city, they’ll find grit, glamour, and an achingly cool environment of ambitious entrepreneurs, glitterati and creatives, bustling with the sole aim of bringing the party. I did say there was grit. Kampala is weaning out a culture of small scale public level corruption, a burgeoningly lax central bank, and then throwing into the mix the trickle down of western influenced “fast fashion” culture that ventures beyond vêtements, surpassing the only recently dried, bloodied shackles of oppressive regime.

Now, be prepared for this. I’ve planned this with the avid traveller and businessman in mind, in the hopes that you have the chance to explore a thriving city, steeped in as much history. So just what can one expect from “the drunkest city in the world” – Vice’s words, not mine. Well it’s not all moonshine and Tusker!

Check out our Kampala Knights Cont’d. post for more.

Sagar Chauhan

Assisted by Aditya Vij of Glossy Guru
Define Street Photography by Jake Oxley of Centauri


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