Kampala Knights Cont’d. – Sagar Chauhan

Meet me Halfway

The equator line is a must. It is the chance to be at the point where the north and south hemispheres of the world meet. Take the time out of your day to visit this one. It’s around 72 kilometres from Kampala city and by car, it’ll take about an hour.

Welcome to the Safari Zone


Whether you do it in luxury, or like the rest of us, it’s another must for the intrepid traveller. Explore the cradle of Mother Earth’s now dwindling magisterial wildlife. Gorilla trekking is just a necessity. Check out Bwindi Lodge in southwest Uganda for doorstep wildlife!


Climb scenic mountains, venture free in Wilderness, get blinding leg cramp and then repeat.


A 9 iron swing away from Kampala city centre, is the Golf Course Hotel. You get the amenities that one would expect from a structure that resembles a stately futuristic castle – including bars, restaurants and meeting rooms, with close to one and a half acres of turfy, rich back enclosure to tee off in.


In Kampala you can find affordable accommodation or hostels on the day of arrival, with little difficulty, but it’s a safe bet to book ahead. I personally would stay just out of the city, it’s not possible to do wrong with a Sheraton or one of the high standard Airbnbs. Remember, Kampala loves to party, look to Club Venom for a mixed crowd where you can relax and take in the local atmosphere. It’s a party city, there are plenty of hideaways and bars to slip into, even during the day, Bubbles is the iconic slice of old England for those who crave it…


Spring/Summer 2017 has been a riot of trends. Menswear offered visually appealing details. Key trends include the colour yellow, over-sized shoulder padding, and lots of military influence. Brands used exotic materials such as rain-washed leather, which looked exceptionally nuanced and well-balanced.


Peace – Leo Tolstoy called, he wants his references back.

Written by Sagar Chauhan
Assisted by Aditya Vij of Glossy Guru
Define Street Photography by Jake Oxley of Centauri


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