Behind the Scenes: MIA London – Jasmine Afia

Considering the fact that most of my writing refers to my love for tailoring and workwear, and memories of being a bit of a tomboy as a kid, you’d think that I would have posted some form of men’s fashion-related piece by now. Especially as around a quarter of you lovely readers are men (or so technology tells me, anyway).

So it was perfect timing when recently a friend of mine, founder of new formalwear label MIA London, asked me to put on my stylist hat and assist with a photo shoot for the brand’s latest collection. The brand, currently specialising in high-waist, slim-tailored trousers perfect for the modern gentleman, boasts South African roots but is steadily cultivating a worldwide audience.

Such was the quality of each pair’s cut and texture that on many occasions throughout the shoot, I found myself thinking about how I would style each pair on myself. The Audrey Ruston textured brown trousers, for example, would be perfect for work when paired with a sleeveless white blouse and nude pumps. Or the Ingrid Bergman navy pair, when worn with an oversized men’s Oxford shirt and ladies’ brown brogues.

Anyway, I digress.

To those reading this, get your orders in for MIA London trousers here or to arrange a consultation for a fully tailored suit to get really up close and personal.

Jasmine Afia

Photography: Joshua Roberts (BTS Images: Jasmine Afia, Elishama Udorok)

Styling: Jasmine Afia

Creative Direction: Ayo Rufai, Ruth Ra


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